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Wealth of Wisdom book cover with illustration of a tree on the front

Wealth of Wisdom

The book contains over 50 chapters, each highlighting a practical tool, exercise, or activity that can be applied by advisors or family members themselves. Each chapter is written by a recognized expert in the field who has used the highlighted tool, exercise, or activity over many years with great success.

Chapter 48 by Mimi Ramsey and Stephanie Hardwick.

the cycle of the gift

The Cycle of The Gift

This book puts spirit and intention into giving.  It informs and inspires readers to align with their values, realize the impact of inheritance and make wise decisions.  It invites a shift in perspective beyond focusing solely in the quantity of wealth transition but to the quality of life one desires and the intended impact of inheritance on hiers.  It encourages courageous conversations within families to use the full power of legacy to create the future together.

strangers in paradise

Strangers In Paradise

This book helps us understand the different experiences and perspectives of wealth creators vs. inheritors. Told through the metaphor of immigrants adapting to a new Land of Wealth, this book is full of helpful information for different generations of wealth stewards.

intentional wealth

Intentional Wealth

Practical guidance to building your life aligned with your values, rather than letting the culture of wealth determine what your life becomes. Includes specific practices for families around financial stewardship.



To any beneficiaries feeling burdened by their trusts, this is a great read.  Through sharing stories of success it can open your mind to other possibilities of how to thrive in a trust agreement. 

the trance of scarcity

The Trance of Scarcity

This book directly deprograms our hearts and minds from the belief in “Not Enough”.  It will create a new foundation for living from which great decisions in life can be made.  Clarity comes when we know we are enough and we live in a friendly universe.

the art of possibility

Art of Possibility

Filled with inspiring stories and helpful tips on how to shift one’s perspective from struggling with obstacles to seeing the unlimited possibility of individual contribution. It just takes practice. 

the relationship handbook

The Relationship Handbook

Everybody in any relationship should read this book.  It gives a simple understanding into how relationships work, and how to be satisfied no matter who you are in a relationship with.  It primarily focuses on intimate partnerships but covers parenting and work relationships as well.  It has a fresh new perspective on what it takes to feel good about your partner and thrive together. It addresses how to bring out the best in each other, move beyond taking things personally and shows the way to transcend difficulties.

crazy good

Crazy Good

We recommend this book more than any other to anyone that would like a great manual for living.  Through his practical, relatable and accessible wisdom Steve Chandler inspires readers to have a CRAZY GOOD life.  The book is broken down into 10 choices or distinctions that bring clarity to the complexities of life.  Both inspirational and motivational, this will be a book you will read again and again.

so good they can't ignore you

So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Excellent resource for anyone who wants to excel at what they are doing.  It is a practical guide to skill building and how that will increase your growth far more than passion alone.  It moves the reader from wishing for a great career into doing what it takes to create one.

the soul of money

The Soul of Money

This is a great book that will strip away all the energy and concepts we put on money.  Lynne Twist will wake you up to the prominent message in our culture that more is better, there is not enough for everyone and that is just the way life is.  This books puts money in its proper place in life and shows that when resources are aligned with values, great impact can be made in the world.



This powerful book is an awesome reminder of how amazing it is to be a human being.  Both practice and spirituality, this book will connect you to your infinite ability to create what you desire in your life.  We often do not think about creativity being innate in every person but it is alive in all of us.  This book wakes us up to who we really are and guides us into our ability to create the relationships, work and life we desire.


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