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Wealth generates added complexities and unique challenges, both personally and professionally, that can be confusing. We created Inner Wealth to better support clients in making clear and informed choices that break through old patterns and thinking to uncover powerful insights and transformative change. Our combined experience has helped hundreds of clients to make easier decisions that balance the joys and responsibilities of wealth stewardship.

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Mimi Ramsey, ACC

Wealth Dynamics Advisor

Mimi helps individuals and families to navigate the unexpected challenges that new wealth can bring. Whether making decisions about your own estate, a recent inheritance, or an upcoming business transaction, you have realized the transition isn’t as simple as expected. Your concerns about the impact of the many decisions you face and fears about any unintended consequences can feel overwhelming.

Mimi supports those preparing for the responsibilities of wealth. An astute listener and effective guide, she has helped hundreds of clients to tackle the worries that have them feeling stuck, to see greater possibility in their choices, and to find clarity about the future they want to build. By surfacing their natural abilities and aligning their decisions to what matters most, they transform challenges into opportunities.

Prior to establishing an independent practice, Mimi worked for over 20 years with two national firms leading Planning, Investment, Credit, and Trust specialists in protecting clients’ assets and preparing families for wealth transitions. She augments broad expertise in wealth issues with skillful coaching so her clients widen their perspective on what is possible, generate their best outcomes and thrive. Mimi’s greatest joy is in helping clients reduce worry and reach easier decisions with confidence.

Being awarded certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) means Mimi spent hundreds of hours studying, honing her skills, and demonstrating exceptional proficiency as a coaching professional. She is a proud member of the SeattleCoach Certified community.

(206) 604-2020

stephanie hardwick

Stephanie Hardwick, MA

Wealth Dynamics Advisor

Genuine wealth extends far beyond financial success; it encompasses the richness of well-being, harmonious relationships, and the embodiment of cherished values. I’ve dedicated my path to guiding high net worth individuals through life’s intricate tapestries to achieve this holistic wealth.

My Journey

My path to serving high net worth individuals and families was an evolution fueled by curiosity, passion, and a deep desire to empower lives. Having navigated corporate sectors, I embarked on a transformative journey that led me to where I am today.

My journey began with a quest for understanding – understanding the intricacies of human behavior and the art of creating an extraordinary life. This quest drove me to pursue a master’s degree, a voyage that opened doors to the world of coaching and consulting. In private practice since 2007, I’ve been on a relentless mission to support those seeking guidance amidst the complex terrain where wealth and life intersect.

Living and working in a community where high net worth individuals were facing the intricate challenges of their financial landscapes, I found myself drawn to this niche. Their struggles were unique, demanding expert solutions and a nuanced approach. It became clear that they needed someone who not only comprehended their challenges but also offered tailored guidance to navigate them.

Immersing myself in best practices and learning from the most accomplished minds in the field, I honed my expertise. With each interaction, I saw transformations take root – clients stepping into their power, forging harmonious relationships, and crafting legacies based on their values.

My story is one of evolution and dedication. It’s a story of understanding the unique dynamics that high net worth individuals face and being unwavering in my commitment to offering them the support they need to thrive. I look forward to creating transformative journeys together, where wisdom and well-being flourish.

Education & Certifications

  • Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) at Bastyr University, 2004
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Eastern Washington University, 1994
  • Graduate, Landmark Education Forum, Advanced Course, and Self Expression and Leadership Program
  • Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, The Wellness Institute
  • Active Member, Purposeful Planning Institute

(425) 647-5314

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